Remember the first time you tasted something surprising? Those kind of experiences are rare but so special.
The Limelon is also something unique. You are eating a melon but the taste is unlike any melon you have ever eaten. Keep surprising your senses!

What exactly is the Limelon for a melon? The Limelon has a unique taste that cannot be compared to any other melon you have ever tasted.
The Limelon can best be described as a juicy melon with a fresh and sour taste. This unique taste is what makes this melon so special to consumers.

The fresh and sour taste can be compared with a touch of Lime, hence the name Limelon

Have you ever tasted something special and surprising? Something that gave you a moment of … wow. Tasting the Limelon melon often has that effect on people. Read more about the many positive reactions or post your own on our social media.


The Limelon melon is a result of an intense cooperation between HillFresh International and Knownyou seeds. Growing a melon withsuch a unique taste requires years of development and breeding between different varieties. But in all the end result has been worth it! Learn more about the history behind this special melon.

The unique taste of the Limelon makes this melon very suitable for some extremely delicious recipe. We could call the Limelon melon the ideal melon for refreshing salads! Click here to get some inspirational recipes!

At this moment the Limelon melon is widely available in the Northern European market. We are currently expending our distribution to other markets outside of the EU. Learn more about the Limelon availability right here.

The Limelon melon is distributed by HillFresh International BV.

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